Grußwort des Bürgermeisters
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Literally translated, it means: Union of Communities. This is an administrative merger of a number of independent communities.

Local building regulations and development of building land, water and sewage, schools, Passports and ID Cards, Registry Office ( residential registration, birth, marriage and death ),Social Security, Fire Fighting, etc. are being centrally administered for the associated communities.

The Verbandsgemeinde Kirchheimbolanden encompasses an area of 147 sqkm, whereof 55 sqkm are forest. Fifteen towns and the County Capitol Kirchheimbolanden form this Political entity with a total population of about 20 000.

The central Town Hall is located in the County Capitol Kirchheimbolanden. In addition to the administrative tasks for the communities, the Verbandsgemeinde was delegated the sole responsibility and jurisdiction for the following areas:

The communities that are part of the Verbandsgemeinde kept pace with the positive development. Well equipped sports - and recreational facilities offer ample opportunities for ones personal fitness program. Aside from that, the forests on the foot of the Donnersberg mountain (elevation 687m ) invite to extended hikes. Here one can relax and spend a holiday.

We can easily be reached via highways A61 and A63 and are looking forward to your visit.

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The following pages list the communities of our Verbandsgemeinde in alphabetical order


with its 162 inhabitants the smallest community within the Verbandsgemeinde. You are invited for extensive walks and rests in a charming countryside. Enjoy the succession of forests, meadows and fields. Paths, vantage points and dreamy patches are awaiting you.


is a beautiful residential community with attractive houses built on the slope of a hill giving way to a smashing view of the Donnersberg mountain. The village was one of the first ones accepted into the Rural Renewal Program in our Verbandsgemeinde.
The community conserved its prominent looks. Worth seeing is the church with the parsonage and the newly arranged village squares. Historically, four water driven flour-mills were operating within the village. Only one is still operating today.
The community fosters many active recreational clubs. A Child Day Care center, a Gymnastic- and Singing Hall as well as a Meeting Room are also located in town.
The nearby Highways A61 and A63 make the village easily accessible.


situated at the foot of the castle ruins is Bolanden, a thriving town and with its 2234 inhabitants one of the largest in the Verbandsgemeinde Kirchheimbolanden. With the renovation of the Weierhof Housing Area and the development of building land there and within the community, the town has used her potential to its maximum.
The good traffic connection to the Autobahn A63 further optimize the infrastructure of Bolanden as a residential and commercial community.
The town is nationally well-known through its bicycle races. The Carnival events sponsored by the orchestra are famed beyond the limits of the Verbandsgemeinde. Life in the community is enhanced by a multitude of recreational Clubs.


a Holiday Resort....
with inviting guest houses and guests from far and near. Hikes around Dannenfels and up to the Donnersberg mountain are part of the attractive recreational activities. Dannenfels is idyllically situated at an altitude of 420 meters above sea level, on the foot of the Donnersberg mountain.
Worth a visit is the 17th century church with its organ, the Museum within the 'Donnersberg House', the Celtic Passage and the Tower of Ludwig on top of the Donnersberg mountain.
A breathtaking panorama, often up to 70 Kilometers, can be viewed from different sightseeing points around the top of the mountain.


beautiful residential community, with several wineries, located at the entrance to the Zellertal valley.
Gauersheim was one of the first to participate in the Rural Renewal program. The renovated Town Hall and the recreated Village Square are attractive sights for inhabitants and guests alike.
Gauersheim is of interest to everybody, who likes to live in a quiet residential community out in the country, and at the same time appreciates good traffic connections into the metropolitan areas.


An appealing community, surrounded by fields, with a high residential value and farms which market their products themselves. Ilbesheim was the first community within the Verbandsgemeinde where the Rural Renewal Program showed visible improvements.
Come and visit Ilbesheim for


with 220 inhabitants one of the smallest villages of the Verbandsgemeinde Kirchheimbolanden.
Its idyllic location in a valley on the foot of the Donnersberg mountain make the formerly agricultural community an ideal starting point for extensive hikes around or to the top of the mountain.
Two Guest houses in the village and the House Wildenstein give the opportunity to bring your hike or walk to a genial conclusion.

City of Kirchheimbolanden

County Capitol Kirchheimbolanden, recognized holiday resort situated at the foot of the Donnersberg Nature Park, a city with a rich historical past.
Visit the St. Paul's Church with its famous Mozart organ, imposing remnants of a medieval past, like the Town Wall which can, in parts, be walked on. Also remarkable are the park next to the castle and the Museum.
Kirchheimbolanden is a great starting point and finish for magnificent hikes in its wooded surroundings. Open air and indoor swimming pool and a refined and fastidious gastronomy help to embellish the stay of our guests.



Rural community - surounded by woods- residential character, intact businesses and club activities. Furthermore, three farms within and two outside the town limits also belong to the community.
Area of town district: 6538 acres
Inhabitants: 1180
Households: 410
The town further features a Children Day Care center, Elementary School, Gymnastics and Fest Hall, one of the decentralized Fire Fighting centers, town Square with fountain, two churches and building land.


the old railroad viaduct is the landmark of Marnheim and at the same time the gate to the wine growing region Zellertal. Viniculture plays a role in Marnheim, too. In addition, it has agriculture, small businesses and one food store.
Marnheim counts 1751 inhabitants. Carefully directed building and renovation measures, like the Sports- and Recreation Center and the Town Hall, utilized the towns financial means to its best and increased the attractiveness. A Kindergarten, an elementary school and many club activities round off the picture.
Marnheim is surrounded by six historical corn mills, that are used as residential buildings these days. Besides good traffic connection via road, Marnheim is also located at a railroad line. Presently, efforts are being undertaken to rejuvenate passenger traffic, that was discontinued years ago.


the gate to Palatia,
the small community with its 540 citizens is situated in the northern most corner of the Verbandsgemeinde where the hilly country of Hessia begins. Active recreational clubs, a small country store and two good restaurants are also present.
Looking at this small community today, one can see the great improvements that have taken place in the last 25 years, since the foundation of the Verbandsgemeinde.


has more than 700 inhabitants today. The town has also got good traffic connection to the Highways A61 and A63. This fact and the new building areas influenced the development of the town in the past years greatly.
A great enhancement was the opening of a country store in 1996. A community center and the newly constructed Festival hall give various clubs and associations a place for holding up meetings and / or festivities.


..the town surrounded by forest has 517 citizens. The Institute of the State Hunting Association is located here. Furthermore it features a Kindergarten, two churches, a Country Inn with bed and breakfast accommodations and a barbecue and hiking lodge.
Planned is the development of new building lots.


has 710 inhabitants. The newly renovated School House, the new Village Square with its fountain and the Gymnastics and Festival Hall are indicative of the towns endeavor to realize the intend of the Rural Renewal Program. Many of towns citizens are also engaged in thriving recreational clubs.
The development of new building land demonstrates the drive and ability for expansion.


formerly, a strictly agriculturally oriented community, which harbors next to small businesses still four farms that are run on a full-time basis.
Lots of green is evident in and around the Rittersheim. Many public and private projects were realized under the Rural Renewal Program. Especially proud is Rittersheim of the new building area around the church. It is surrounded by a large and beautiful yard with old, ivy-clad trees.
The tolling of Six bells give greetings from the church tower. Worth paying a visit in the village are the four springs and the Brunnengasse with its quietly murmuring brook
Everybody knows his neighbors in Rittersheim and helping one another is a matter of honor.
Attractive as a residential community is Rittersheim through the easy access to the Autobahn A61 and A63.


participating since 1985 in the Rural Renewal program, has realized many improvements. Active recreational clubs offer the citizens a multitude of activities to spend their spare time in.
The town features attractive new building lots that being situated on a slope offer a tremendous sight. The 572 inhabitants enjoy the serenity of their village, cognizant of the fact that the good traffic connections facilitate the commuting to the places of employment.